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Discover Walk, Run and Bike Trails Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach offers the perfect haven for outdoor enthusiasts and the Grande Dunes Resort connects to several winding trails including the East Coast Greenway than runs along the entire east coast. Available trails for all levels from experienced cyclist to a relaxing stroll with the family. Download our trail map to explore the many picturesque routes awaiting you.

Casual Scenery

The Marina Parkway: Traversing Through Grande Dunes

This 2-mile trail offers a family-friendly route through the Grand Dunes neighborhoods. Take in different environments from newly developed communities to green, undeveloped areas along sidewalks. Perfect for walking, jogging, and biking. This trail accesses all other trails.

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An Extended Adventure

From the Marina Parkway to Wild Iris Trail

Continue from Marina Parkway to Wild Iris Trail through the Grande Dunes/Pine Lake community and soak in more of the surrounding neighborhoods. 

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Through the Woods

Bike or Jog the Colonel Robert Bell Path

After following the scenic Marina Inn Parkway, wind through the woods on this mostly undeveloped yet beautifully landscaped biking and walking path for a total of 3.5 miles. This path also connects to the Horry County Bike/Run Park.

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 A Tranquil Retreat

Immerse Yourself in the Greenery of Perrin’s Path

As part of the East Coast Greenway, Perrin’s Path offers splendid scenery and outdoor excitement for those who want to adventure a bit further through this mostly wooded path yet passing along some scenic neighborhoods. After accessing from the Marina Parkway, path is additional 1.5 miles.

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Enjoy Coastal Breezes

Waterfront Cycling Along Ocean Boulevard

Ocean Boulevard gives cyclists the chance to enjoy the breathtaking scenery Myrtle Beach offers, with 3.1 miles of dedicated bike paths.

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A Longer Ride

Soak In the Greater Myrtle Beach on Grissom’s Parkway Trail

This long, flat route takes you from Marina Parkway to the Grissom Parkway to Coastal Grand Mall. This 9.1-mile trail is perfect for those who want to indulge in a longer trip that travels through neighborhoods, green trails, and urban areas.

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Challenge Yourself

Adventure Awaits on Horry County Bike Run Park Trail

Affectionately known as “The Hulk”, bike through 72 acres of undeveloped and uneven terrain and conquer this challenging bike trail while taking in the gorgeous scenery. Park is also pedestrian family friendly.

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