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Myrtle Beach

Ride the Waves

The Adrenaline!

Whether you’re into jet skis, pontoon boats, or dolphin sightings, Myrtle Beach Water Sports offer endless fun in all forms. Conveniently located at the Grande Dunes Marina, beside the Marina Inn at Grande Dunes.

Jet Ski Adventures

Dolphin Watch from Your Jet Ski

Embark on an exhilarating private jet ski tour, where you’ll get to see dolphins at play in the ocean under the blue Myrtle Beach sky.

Hit the Water

Flexible Jet Ski Rentals

Take control of your own adventure and explore the coastline at your pace with flexible jet ski rental options.

Tranquil Pontoon Escapes

Pontoon Boat Rentals in Myrtle Beach

Cruise along the waterways in style and comfort for a full or ½ day in one of our pontoon boat rentals, available at the Grande Dunes Marina.

Backwater Explorer

Shawn’s Adventure Expedition

Join Shawn on an experience like no other, speeding atop the glassy water of South Carolina’s backwaters and getting up close and personal with untouched nature. Owned and operated by Myrtle Beach Water Sports.

Beyond the Waves

Explore More Adventures

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